Current Openings

Patient Care Supervisor - Full Time (40/hr Week)


  1. Responsible for managing, directing and supervising the following services within Prairie Clinic:  ( referred to as “medical staff”)
  • Nursing / Medical Staff
  • Laboratory
  • X-ray
  1. Defines and maintains the standards of nursing and other services under position control.
  2. Identifies patient service requirements; maintains nursing guidelines; assures quality of care and educates providers and staff of changes or updates.
  3. Initiates the development of policies and procedures that govern nursing services and other services under position control.
  4. Oversee Chronic Care Management and Transition Care Program.
  5. Responsible for environmental control, including infection control.
  6. Maintains knowledge of current OSHA regulations and enforces these regulations by record-keeping and reporting
  7. Assures that Chemical and Pharmacological waste is appropriately disposed of.
  8. Responds to and investigates patient complaints regarding medical staff and patients, as well as Provider complaints and complaints from other facilities.
  9. Assists to assure that Time sheets are correct for payroll, monitoring staff overtime and approval of ETO for assigned staff, X-Ray and Lab staff.
  10. Responsible for medical staff hiring, performance, retention, discipline and development.
  11. Evaluates and reviews medical staff performance against written standards for each position; recommends salary changes accordingly.
  12. Assists in orientation for new employees and continuing education efforts with existing employees.
  13. Assists on floor if needed.
  14. Leads monthly medical staff meetings.
  15. Participates in appropriate meetings and committees, including HIPAA and Quality.  As a member of the HIPAA committee, assures that breaches are appropriately reported.
  16. Attends training sessions as requested and / or desired for knowledge and expertise.
  17. Participates in Prairie Clinic safety education, procedures and drills.
  18. Promotes working relationship with hospital and other community agencies.
  19. Provides Patient Care report to the Board of Directors.
  20. Represents Clinic before various professional, educational, and business groups to discuss programs and foster good public relations.
  21. Understands and follows all Prairie Clinic employee policies.  
  22. Assists with VFC oversight and training.
  23. Participates in other assigned duties as designated by the Clinic Manager


• Registered nurse (RN) with valid state license.

• BLS certified.

• Minimum five years experience in nursing.

• Minimum two years experience in clinic/office nursing.

• Minimum two years experience in health care management.



• Proven organizational skills and effective interpersonal skills.

• Knowledge of Principles of organization and theories of management.

• Nursing management and Project management skills.

• Exercises independent judgment, initiative and decision making.

• Maintains a pleasant, courteous demeanor when dealing with patients, providers, other

  employees, the general public and other outside agencies and demonstrates good listening


• Maintains patient confidence and protects operations by keeping all information confidential.

  Abides by all HIPAA regulations.

• Motivates employees to fulfill the mission of the organization.

• Maintains regular consistent and professional attendance, punctuality, personal appearance

   and adherence to relevant health and safety procedures.


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