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COVID Update - Prairie Clinic

COVID Update - Prairie Clinic

Dear Patients,


As you are all aware, 2020 and 2021 thus far have been the most challenging years in recent memory for our community.  COVID-19 has caused major disruptions to the way we live our lives in many ways. 


Here at Prairie Clinic we have implemented many different protocols, procedures, and changes in the way we take care of patients so that we can continue to take care of the community.  We truly believe our own motto of “Caring for The Community.” 


Prairie Clinic will be providing the community with vaccinations to COVID-19 as they become available.  Our goal is to be a leader in providing vaccine for the community in partnership with all the other health systems in the area.  We have been working very hard on developing the process of how to accomplish vaccination of the community in the safest and most efficient way possible.  


Our current plan at Prairie Clinic is to begin holding COVID-19 vaccination clinics within the next few weeks when vaccine is available. We will be contacting eligible patients to schedule their appointment, beginning with patient’s age 65 years and up, and working alphabetically. We will call you. Please do not call us.  Un-needed phone calls to us actually slows down the process.


When the Wisconsin Department of Health Services approves the next phase, we will continue to contact patients 65 years and up and move into the other approved groups as vaccine becomes available, and continue with the process.


We understand that there is a lot of excitement over the COVID-19 vaccine.  You may find other opportunities to get the vaccine and we encourage our patients to go wherever they can receive their first dose the quickest.

In the next couple of weeks, we will continue to communicate up to date information regarding our plans and efforts.  We share your frustrations about how fast that can happen, but together we can accomplish our goals to deliver vaccine to protect each other.  


Stay Healthy!


The Providers and Staff of Prairie Clinic


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